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  1. Create a Classy Header for Your Site
    XSitePro Tutorials: Create a Classy Header. Discover the basic design concepts that will give your XSitePro templates a classy, professional look.
  2. Create a Professional Header Using a Simple Filter
    XSitePro Tutorials: In this tutorial we use one of Photoshop's standard filters to create a special effect that will help to give your XSitePro templates a professional look.
  3. Create a Curved Header in Photoshop
    XSitePro Tutorials: How to create a curved header in Photoshop.
  4. Create a 100% Wide Footer
  5. Using Tokens When Importing or Building Pages in XSitePro
    XSitePro Tutorials: In your XSitePro templates, tokens substitute for a filename, title, keyword, link, graphic, description, etc. that will automatically be inserted into your Web pages in place of the tokens.
  6. Wrap Text Around an Image
    XSitePro Tutorials: How to wrap text around an image in XSitePro.
  7. Put a Unique Header on Every Page
    XSitePro Tutorials:How to put a unique header on every page of your XSitePro Web site.
  8. Classy XSitePro Templates
  9. Web Form Wizard
    XSitePro Tutorials: How to use the XSitePro Web form wizard.
  10. Create a Great Content Site with XSitePro
    XSitePro Tutorials: How to Create a Great Content Site with XSitePro
  11. How to Publish Your Web Site
    XSitePro Tutorials: How to Publish Your XSitePro Web Site
  12. Design Wizards
    XSiteProTutorials: How to use the Design Wizards in XSitePro.
  13. WYSIWYG Designer
    XSiteProTutorials: How to use the WYSIWYG Designer in XSitePro.
  14. XSitePro Web Site Page Layout
    XSitePro Tutorials: Manage Your Website Page Layout With XSitePro Website Design Software.
  15. Use XSitePro to Sell PLR Products
    XSitePro Tutorials: How to use XSitePro to sell PLR products: sales page, thank you page, download page, PayPal buttons, and more.
  16. Custom Web Scripts
    XSitePro Tutorials: Add Custom Web Scripts With XSitePro Website Design Software

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