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These are samples we made to show you the kind of quality, custom headers and banners we create and to give you some ideas if you want to create your own. Wondering how to make your own XsitePro headers? We'll show you how!

The headers below are available for purchase ($75 CAD each) and come with the Photoshop file so they can be customized for your needs. If you want a custom header, the price is $250 CAD. Order your own header today!

Order Your Own Custom XSitePro Header Today!

The headers below are reduced in size to save bandwidth. They are shown here at 400px, but would be at least 950px wide when delivered. Some of these are client headers, some are strictly samples.

Here are some tips for designing your own headers.

  • The human eye prefers assymetrical designs, so don't cut your banner in half vertically or horizontally. Try thirds, fifths, anything but equal sections.
  • Juxtaposing dark and light colours creates tension and excitement in your design.
  • The photo(s) can often give you the colour palette for your design.
  • Match the font to the audience and to the photo(s).
  • Review the headers below and you'll notice that most of them are simple, but highly professional and even elegant. Try to keep your header simple, too.
  • Adding a lot of Photoshop® effects is the sign of an amateur. Instead, as you design, think high-end magazine.

XSitePro Headers - Training Heart Rate
Client's header, not for sale.

XSitePro Header - Electronics
Client's header, not for sale.

XSitePro Header- Religious
Client's header, not for sale.

XSitePro Header - Raspberry Extract

XSitePro Header - Speechwriting for Everyone

XSitePro Header - Lonetree Lake

XsitePro Templates - Christian Header

XSitePro Headers- Rodent Homes

XSitePro Header - Romantic Vacations

XSitePro Header - Real Estate Guide

XSitePro Header - Network Services

XSitePro Header - Skin Care

XSite Pro Header - Las Vegas Chapel

XSitePro Header - Butterflies Are Free

XSitePro Header - Web Hosting

XSitePro Headers - Green Tea

XSite Pro Header - Red Rock Cafe Designs

XSitePro Header - Insurance

XSitePro Header - RESP

XSitePro Header - Travel

XSitePro Header - Real Estate

XSitePro Header - Tours

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XSitePro Templates

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Comments from Happy Clients

"Excellent. Just the job. Thank you very much." - Roger P.

"Your work has given me inspiration to really get things going. Thank You." - Geno G.

"Beautiful job! Thank You!" - Chris B.

"I LOVE IT!!!!! It's great!" - Karen B.

"Many thanks for a great header." - Norman D.

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