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Andrea Wilson, XSitePro Templates Designer
Andrea Wilson
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Get started now... Decide what kind of template you'd like for your site. Check out some sample XSitePro templates. But remember, I can create almost any kind of design you want in XSitePro... so don't let the samples hamstring your thinking. Call me (604-468-4992) if you want to know if I can design the perfect site for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS! (And yes, we also do WordPress sites!)

ANNOUNCEMENT: For XSitePro users experiencing problems with Table Properties, Image Properties and Link Properties (blank pop-up window), you will need to remove this Windows 7 security update: KB3008923.

For XSitePro users experiencing crashing on saving, you will need to remove these Microsoft Windows 7 security updates: KB2973112 and KB2977629.

To remove updates, go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > View Installed Updates . Right click on the name of the update and choose Uninstall. Reboot your computer after the updates have been uninstalled.

XSitePro Insider's Guide: 101 Tips for XSitePro Users

Andrea's XSitePro Insider's Guide

An Insider's Guide: 101 Tips for XSitePro Users

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(Free if you buy XSitePro, The Complete Guide to Website Building, or The Complete Guide to Traffic through me. Just send me your email receipt from Intellimon.)

Video Tutorials

  • How to Make a Curved Header in Photoshop. Free.
  • How to Wrap Text Around an Image in XSitepro. Free.
  • How to Add a Slideshow to YOUR XSitePro Template. Two slideshows with code are included. Only $7.00! 
  • How to Add a Different Header on Any Page in XSitePro! Only $7.00! Out of the box, XSitePro puts the same header on every page in your Web site. But there is a way to put a unique header on every page... or maybe you just want a unique header on the Home page... either way, this video shows you how to do that. Bonus: In the same video I also show you how to add a different Info Bar and/or Footer Panel background colour and background image on every (or any) page. You can make different sections of your site different colours. Very cool!
  • NEW! How to Create the Illusion of a 100% Width Footer in XSitePro! Only $7.00. While I don't recommend making your Web site 100% fluid, the illusion that it spans the full browser width is a nice effect. The header is easy to do, but the footer is more complex. Maybe one day XSitePro will make this a feature, but until then have fun learning a great trick!

What Does an XSitePro Template Consist of?

XSitePro Templates are 100% Guaranteed

An XSitePro template is the framework upon which you build your own content. According to your requirements and specifications, it consists of a custom, professional header, matching opt-in box, footer, right/left panels, and navigation menus. In addition to the basic package, a custom slideshow can be added to the header or to any panel for extra impact.

One of our custom XSitePro templates will make your new Web site look professional and trustworthy. We'll help you take charge of your destiny... on the Web and in your life. Your online business will give you independence, freedom, and the ability to call your own shots... and put cash in your pockets. Let's do it!

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About XSitePro Templates

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Yes, your template will be designed by a certified professional Web designer. This means your Web site will attract more visitors, keep them on your site longer, help you convert those visitors into customers... and therefore MAKE YOU MONEY! Why? Because a Web designer knows the kind of graphics, fonts, designs and styles that work best on the Web! 
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Yes, you can you borrow ideas! Don't copy the design, but take any idea you see in our sample templates or client templates and adapt it for your own business. Most of the photos we use can be bought for about a $1 each on Dreamstime.com.
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Yes, you'll have a friend you can call on if you run into problems or have questions. We fully support our templates.
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Yes, we can create a bold, focused, simple, clean Web 2.0 design for you.
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Yes, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Of course we do... we want you to love your template.
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Yes, we're Internet marketers, too, so we understand your business. We create XSitePro templates based on Internet marketing principles like eye-tracking, usability, the psychology of colour and consumer buying habits.
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Yes, you can get a full XSitePro template... or just a header. No problem!
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YES, of course you can have input into your design. We will certainly use your logo, title, USP/tagline, etc. And, yes, we will use your ideas, colour scheme and photos unless they violate good Web marketing principles and then we'll gently suggest some alternatives. :) And don't worry, if you just want us to do it all, with minimal input from you, we can do that, too.
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Yes, you will receive your Photoshop .psd file so you can make changes to your own template anytime in the future. You can edit the template, use it on multiple sites, modify it for your blog... whatever you want. Just don't sell it... that would be pushing it! ;) Although, come to think of it, we've devised a way for you to do this, too, with our cooperation! Become our partner 
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Yes, you will receive a separate copy of your header file so you can use it on your blog, newsletter, shopping cart, Yahoo® store, etc.
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Yes, it's easy to install your template. One click imports your template into XSitePro.
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Yes, we explain how to make your own XSitePro header.

XSitePro Templates, Tips & Tricks

Discover How to Use Borders, Separators and Dividers to Make Your Site Look Classy and Professional

Increase the "trust factor" on your XSitePro Web site! More info...

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An Insiders Guide: 101 Tips for XSitePro Users (XSitePro Templates Help)

An Insiders Guide: 101 Tips for XSitePro Users

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"Excellent. Just the job. Thank you very much." - Roger P.

"Your work has given me inspiration to really get things going. Thank You." - Geno G.

"Beautiful job! Thank You!" - Chris B.

"I LOVE IT!!!!! It's great!" - Karen B.

"Many thanks for a great header." - Norman D.

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